Hi! I’m Seb 👋, a Polish Product Designer with over 10 years of experience in building and shipping digital products.

I spent 7 years working professionally as a product designer in Berlin, and am currently living in Taiwan for a year, adding new elements to my design palette.

Career key points

Miro / Senior Product Designer
  • 12.2022 - 12.2023


Aklamio / Design Manager
  • 07.2021 - 11.2022


Amboss / Senior Web Designer
  • 03.2020 - 06.2021


Sellics / Design Team Lead
  • 12.2017 - 03.2020


Side Projects 2024

Create graphics, edit photos, and optimize your design workflow with Google Sheets integration. Generate hundreds of assets for localization, A/B testing, or diverse content needs—all from a single-page application.

With an Unsplash production license, access high-quality images directly in the app. OpenAI integration allows a one-click generation of presentations and social media graphics. A custom Icon Library with my Icons API provides a unique and personalized design experience.

Things I can do at a glance

  • design systems
  • react prototypes
  • micro-interactions
  • svg animations
  • css
  • research
  • accessibility

Meet my work colleagues

João Gomes
Senior UX Designer at Nivoda


“Sebastian is, hands down, the best and most talented manager I ever had. His world-class design and development skills make him a great asset for any product or design department. He is also a great leader, who is great at motivating people and bringing out the best in them. Sadly we were only able to work together for a little while, but in that short time, he taught me so much about design and how to be a design leader, and I am no doubt a better professional today because of him. I’m sure that Sebastian will shine strong wherever he goes.”

Dabin Im
Senior Brand Strategist at Amboss GmbH


“Sebastian has his way of skillfully addressing design problems and proactively creating solutions to help the team with a better workflow. He’s a definite go-to person for feedback because you can trust his design knowledge.”

Ronan Recune
Product Designer at Aklamio GmbH


“It’s been a pleasure working together with Sebastian. His hands-on approach to leadership, mentoring, technical skills, and strong character gained him the respect of the team. Loyal, insightful, and independent. Whenever I had a problem, there has never been a time he left me without a solution. Sebastian possesses a winning combination of solid tech skills and business sense, I learned a great deal from him. He absolutely shines in a challenging environment. Definitely worth recommending.”

Stefan Secker
Senior Growth Architect at BCG Digital Ventures


“I had the privilege of working with Sebastian, who has shown to be exceptionally creative and passionate about his work. He had a huge impact on the company during his time at Sellics, leading the design team and managing projects like a website relaunch.”


Never forget about your roots! Feel free to see my past freelance work below 👇