Untypical website project made for a primary school in Mileszki. Project involved creating a logotype for the school and website layout adjusted for mobile devices.


Website was created from scratch, with using already existing database. Project was developed with CMS system, that gives a full control over administering content to the owner.

We placed a lot of useful tools like search engine, articles archive, or graphically stylized map.

We also made a version for the visually impaired – so called contrast, including all the sections, also adjusted for mobile devices.

We have also added text size changing function. Project fully complies basic standards of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).

Website has a friendly looking interface, harmonious colors and its illustrational character supposed to encourage children and their parents to browse it. While using the page we have a constant access to menu in the form of breadcrumbs.

Designed lessons plan and calendar are also responsive for mobile devices, so that the page is clear and user-friendly for pupils, using mobile phones during the break.