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graphic designer, web coder

I am the graduate of the Faculty of Graphics and Painting of Academy of Fine Arts In Łódź. As an artist I deal with drawing and printmaking, while occupationally with graphic design, photography and storyboard. I also specialize in branding and art direction.

karol fajfrowski

network engineer

As a computer scientist, I specialize in designing, deploying, and administering of computer networks an server infrastructure. Personally, I am very passionate about sound production and technologies of stage sounds systems.

krzysztof świątczak

3D graphic, web coder

I'm an Architect, but for living I'm CG artist and Filmmaker. I design websites and create the "commercial image". I'm specialised in product development, starting from creation, through advertising process and eventually selling the final product.

our offer

graphic design

At first we create a logo concept, which is the basis for the company image. Based on that we design all the other elements of visual identity, like headed paper, business cards and promotion materials.


Besides, we create modern websites, that are adjusted for retina displays, and that are responsive, so they adjust for mobile devices. Due to used content management systems (CMS), the user can easily update their own website.


We also offer design of an unique online store, tailored to customer needs.


We run our own server infrastructure. It gives us better control of websites and the possibility to test the new solutions. We can turn on your project on our servers.

IT services

Each IT project is a new challenge for us. Through longstanding experience in designing and administering with different kinds of server and network infrastructures we can provide you individual solutions.


We offer creating a professional promotion photos. We also make movies, taking care of every detail of production from storyboard to camera operation to digital retouching.

3D graphic

By means of 3D graphics we create among other things object visualizations, product mock-ups for websites and animations.

packaging design

We design packaging for various products. At first we create a mock-up, and basing on that we make a blanking die. Than with digital tools we make a graphic project of a packaging, and their 3D visualization.